Wednesday, January 13, 2010

School! Arg!

I really don't understand this readers (all 15 of you) I really don't, how can I be only taking one "winter session" course and still have almost no time to read at all and even less time to blog about it!

Oh I know. I sleep until 3 PM. THAT must be it.

Anyway in other news THERE IS NO OTHER NEWS this is just a brainless attempt at writing a blog post because I haven't read more than a chapter in The Black Jewels Trilogy. Although I feel it is my duty as a blogger (with 15 readers) to make sure that my readers are up to date on what is happening in terms of my reading escapades. I promise (again) that I'll get my blog back up and running and I will read the The Black Jewels before a few days have passed!

Keep on reading!

1 comment:

brizmus said...

Wow - one class and getting no reading done. :-( Unfortunate. I wish you much reading luck for the future. It's funny how, the less you HAVE to do, the more able you are to procrastinate.
I really don't understand you people who can sleep until 3 in the afternoon. If I'm not up by 9:30, I feel sick.

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