Sunday, July 27, 2008

Help! I've Got Dyslexia!!

OOM, that's what a dyslexic cow says. Sometimes when i read I'll look at a word or a sentence and I'll think "Gee that doesn't make much sense" and I'll go back and read it and it will make much more sense because I've mixed up a few of the words in the sentence. Now I'm not the kind of person who reads the first few letters in a word and guesses what the word is, I always read the entire word So I suppose I have an acute case of Dyslexia, or I'm just stupid, whichever.

So I've read these wonderful books by a one Sergei Lukyanenko, called the Night Watch series. The books are translated from Russian so in some parts the wording is a WEE bit choppy, but it's hardly noticeable and can probably just chalk it up as the writer's style if you want.
The plot has so many twists and turns that you'll never want to put down the book (my math teacher complained about that).

The story in the first book focuses on Anton Gorodetsky (the coolest name ever) and the efforts of the Night Watch, a group of Light Magic users who keep watch over the night and it's various magical inhabitants, and their attempts to out do the Day Watch, a group of Dark magic users who keep watch over the day and it's magical inhabitants, without shifting the balance of power too much towards either side, light or dark.
The books are set in contemporary Moscow and it is one of the BEST series of books that I've ever read, they are by far my most favorite books in the world. The series isn't complete yet, with 3 out of 4 books being out so far the last book is set to be released in october of 2008.

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Books books everywhere and not a thing to read

Every time i walk into Barnes and Noble or some other such book store, i find myself drawn in by the sheer amount of books. As you can tell i simply adore reading books, as a way of drawing myself out of reality, and joining a wonderful world full of rich characters and thick plot lines that i instantly fall in love with. But lately, i walk into Barnes and Noble and it seems that i can never find a decent book to buy, i always look in the fiction section because fiction and fantasy comprise most of what i read, i scour the section for anything that seems to peak my interest, sometimes i find something and sometimes i don't. lately though it's mostly don't. Perhaps i need to broaden my horizons, learn to read historical or historical fiction, but it just seems so hard, why should i dwell in this reality while i read when i can delve into a world full of murder, witchcraft, dragons, assasination plots, and chosen heroes?

I shall never know why it is so hard for me to find a book at the book store, but i do know that i won't be done scouring the fiction section of my local Barnes and Noble for quite some time.

East of Eden

So i'm required to read this book called East of Eden for my summer vacation homework,(it's by Steinbeck if anyone didn't know) and at first i read the synopsis and i dreaded even opening this book, because it sounded so boring, but then i remember that's what i thought about Of Mice and Men at first too.

The synopsis of the book states that the book follows 2 families, the Tasks and the Hamiltons, and their "helpless reenactment of the fall of Adam and Eve and the poisonous rivalry between Cain and Able"

The book is amazing, it starts out a bit slow and it makes you want to fall asleep because it describes EVERYTHING about the setting (I DON'T WANT TO KNOW WHAT THE CUPS LOOK LIKE MISTER STEINBECK!!) but it goes on to become an AMAZING story of Love, and not so much love, Murder, Trickery, Caring friends, and a mans strive to recover and raise his children correctly, without their mother.

I love this book and i recomend it to anyone, regardless of whether or not they like Sci-Fi books Fantasy books, Romance Novels, or Murder Mysteries, this book has something for everyone and it is highly entertaining and it makes my soul smile :)

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