Saturday, July 26, 2008

Books books everywhere and not a thing to read

Every time i walk into Barnes and Noble or some other such book store, i find myself drawn in by the sheer amount of books. As you can tell i simply adore reading books, as a way of drawing myself out of reality, and joining a wonderful world full of rich characters and thick plot lines that i instantly fall in love with. But lately, i walk into Barnes and Noble and it seems that i can never find a decent book to buy, i always look in the fiction section because fiction and fantasy comprise most of what i read, i scour the section for anything that seems to peak my interest, sometimes i find something and sometimes i don't. lately though it's mostly don't. Perhaps i need to broaden my horizons, learn to read historical or historical fiction, but it just seems so hard, why should i dwell in this reality while i read when i can delve into a world full of murder, witchcraft, dragons, assasination plots, and chosen heroes?

I shall never know why it is so hard for me to find a book at the book store, but i do know that i won't be done scouring the fiction section of my local Barnes and Noble for quite some time.

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