Friday, January 29, 2010

Why I will probably not buy an iPad

I love my iPhone, it does everything that want it to do and it does everything that I want it to do well, but that does not mean that I am willing to buy basically a bigger version of the iPhone so that I can have a bigger screen. I'm currently writing this blog post on my netbook in a Barnes and Noble cafe, and again, I absolutely love my netbook (thank you mommy, merry christmas!) and I bring it practically everywhere with me and, essentially, never without access to my files and the ability to use the internet. I understand the appeal the iPad presents for people who are interested in having, basically, a laptop and an e-reader in one package.

And here's where we get to the relevant part. I probably will not be buying the iPad for multiple reasons: I already have an iPhone, I'm know, the usual stuff. But there's one major factor that has affected my decision. My interest in the iPad started a few weeks ago when I was reading a few speculation articles about Apple's next big 'thing' and one of the things that stood out to me was that people thought it was going to be a great e-reader, capable of competing with the nook and the kindle. While I'm sure that anythng that Apple can produce that is capable of being an e-reader will be able to at least compete with the nook and the Kindle, I do not think that the iPad's functionality as an e-reader will have people beating down the doors of Apple looking to get one, and it seemed to me that that was one of the best features about the iPad, I mean it's basically a huge iPod touch right? And it especially won't be a great e-reader with a battery life of just 10 hours (the Kindle can go 2 weeks with wi-fi turned off)

It just seems that with me already having a netbook and an iPhone, there really is no point to buying the iPad, because it's basically just a fusion of the two, and for a fusion, it really doesn't save that much more space. I mean, how much space does a netbook and an iphone really take up? And as for "holding the internet in my hands" I seem to be able to do that just fine with my netbook, thank you.

Here's the iPad promotional video (which is extremely obnoxious by the way, another reason I probably won't buy it, shallow right?)

and here's an interview with Walt Mossberg about the iPad

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Cornucopic Contemplation: Literacy

I'm in high school (or rather I'm just out of high school, taking classes at the community college to fulfill my senior year) and it has always struck me as shameful that the reading ability among high school students should be as low as it is. I recently joined a group on facebook entitled "I hate it when people volunteer to read in class...and can't read". I thought it was just a funny little group until I was doing a homework assignment today. I realized that although I try and surround myself with "intelligent" people, the kind of people who take AP classes and are on the honor roll, there are millions of high schoolers who indeed "can't read.

Being raised on books and loving everything about books and what they stand for I've always been appalled when I met someone who said they didn't read much or didn't like to read, in fact (being the vain jerk-face that I am) that is usually where the conversation ended because I didn't feel like we'd connect on any level. I struggle with the idea that somebody should "not like books" I guess it's so second nature to me that I could never imagine not being introduced to books.

I can attribute my love of reading to my parents, and although forcing books on children is probably not the way to go (go figure) I think that parents really should make an effort to read to their children because reading is a gateway to immense knowledge and imagination.

I really don't know where I was going with this, but I would like to invite my readers to post ways that they promote literacy in their community, be it by donating books to the library, or by giving a donation to a literacy foundation, I don't care just post!

Keep on reading!

Monday, January 18, 2010

Interesting Interview with the Author of Angel Star

Hey guys, if you haven't already then I highly suggest that you head over to Mindful Musings to check out this post. It's a very down to earth interview with the author of the upcoming book Angel Star (pre-order it on amazon here). I'm really excited and grateful to Natalie at Mindful Musings for turning me on to this book, it looks like its going to be a smash hit and I've added it to my TBR list!

In other news I'm a fair ways through The Black Jewels Trilogy and I'm super stoked to read the rest of it as even 100+ pages in it feels like only the surface of the story has been scratched. It really is a captivating read.

Once again I really want to stress that I am sorry about the lack of posts lately, The Black Jewels is a thick book and I've been busy with school, I PROMISE that I will post more in the days and weeks to come!

Keep on reading!

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Male book bloggers

It might be that I'm not connected well enough yet, or that I haven't looked hard enough, or I need to broaden my range but I cannot for the life of me find a male blogger who writes about books. Forgive me if I'm completely wrong but is reviewing books on an online web log considered girly? I was under the impression that in the real world of magazines and newspaper articles that there were plenty of men writing about and reviewing books.

I was pondering this intense thought (which I am probably wrong about) and it dawned on me that I have a fairly healthy dose of readers who, fairly often, leave me comments. I decided to use this opportunity to kill 3 birds with one stone. I'm potentially networking, I'm writing a blog post for today, and I'm encouraging my readers to comment on my posts just a Scosh more.

So, back to the point.

Do you know of any male reviewers (preferably in the fantasy/sci-fi genres of books) who write their reviews on their blog?

I'm tenderly dipping my toe into the waters of book reviewing and blogging, so far the water is warm but let's see if I swim past any cold spots?

Keep on reading!

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

School! Arg!

I really don't understand this readers (all 15 of you) I really don't, how can I be only taking one "winter session" course and still have almost no time to read at all and even less time to blog about it!

Oh I know. I sleep until 3 PM. THAT must be it.

Anyway in other news THERE IS NO OTHER NEWS this is just a brainless attempt at writing a blog post because I haven't read more than a chapter in The Black Jewels Trilogy. Although I feel it is my duty as a blogger (with 15 readers) to make sure that my readers are up to date on what is happening in terms of my reading escapades. I promise (again) that I'll get my blog back up and running and I will read the The Black Jewels before a few days have passed!

Keep on reading!

Monday, January 11, 2010

Oh My Goodness...Holiday Fever!

Unfortunately the holiday season is over and that means I have to get back into the swing of things, which not so unfortunately means that I'll actually be posting blog posts again!

*crickets chirping*

Ok so I realize that really only matters to about 16 of you but in any case here is my attempt at a decent blog post for today!

Hurray I'm back! And that means I'm reading again (that's right no reading was done over the holidays though there was much feasting (probably too much)) and to inaugurate the start of my reading habit again I went out to Barnes and Noble and bought myself a new book (hurray!) even though I haven't finished the other two I'm supposed to be reading (boo!).

by Anne Bishop


Because this is a trilogy placed into one book, I'll be reviewing it as one book (because I'm lazy like that) i've read the first few chapters and it seems to be quite a read so I'm very excited to read it. I promise I'll review those other books that I'm reading too! 

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