Saturday, January 23, 2010

Cornucopic Contemplation: Literacy

I'm in high school (or rather I'm just out of high school, taking classes at the community college to fulfill my senior year) and it has always struck me as shameful that the reading ability among high school students should be as low as it is. I recently joined a group on facebook entitled "I hate it when people volunteer to read in class...and can't read". I thought it was just a funny little group until I was doing a homework assignment today. I realized that although I try and surround myself with "intelligent" people, the kind of people who take AP classes and are on the honor roll, there are millions of high schoolers who indeed "can't read.

Being raised on books and loving everything about books and what they stand for I've always been appalled when I met someone who said they didn't read much or didn't like to read, in fact (being the vain jerk-face that I am) that is usually where the conversation ended because I didn't feel like we'd connect on any level. I struggle with the idea that somebody should "not like books" I guess it's so second nature to me that I could never imagine not being introduced to books.

I can attribute my love of reading to my parents, and although forcing books on children is probably not the way to go (go figure) I think that parents really should make an effort to read to their children because reading is a gateway to immense knowledge and imagination.

I really don't know where I was going with this, but I would like to invite my readers to post ways that they promote literacy in their community, be it by donating books to the library, or by giving a donation to a literacy foundation, I don't care just post!

Keep on reading!

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