Monday, November 16, 2009

Reading for Pleasure: Cornucopic Contemplation

If i'm reading a book for pleasure i might read in one day, or maybe two, but i will never read a book in one sitting. Reflection, contemplation, actually thinking about what i read, these things make reading so much more enjoyable.

When i read i lose myself in the story, in the world that the author has created for my enjoyment, simply following a story is not enough for me, i love imagining alternative endings, putting myself in the world that the author has created, sometimes i even dream about a particularly riviting story. Reading a book solely for the purpose of reading a book (like as an assignment or to post about in a blog) is unfathomably less enjoyable than reading a book for the splendor, the wonder, the marriment, the adventure, the romance, and the escape from life that reading a good book can provide.

It is for these reasons that I don't choose books based on readership or based on the views that i will get because i put this keyword in my post. I'm all about the readership don't get me wrong, but i don't go to the bookstore to find books that will tickle the fancy of my readers but not me. I like to think that people will read my blog because they value the insight i can give into good books. I love writing, and i love readong, and hopefully (i think) i am good enough at both to provide valuable information for those people who are looking for what (and what not) to place on their bookshelves to be read.

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