Sunday, November 22, 2009

Ads and Affiliate Marketing

A few of you might have noticed that I have recently placed textual ads on my blog, and even more of you might have noticed that when you click on the links in my posts that they take you to Amazon, I want to be perfectly honest with all of my readers that the links that you click are in fact affiliate links and that if you do choose to buy a book from amazon then I will receive a commission.

I hesitate to publish this post because I know there are people that view things like adsense ads and affiliate marketing as simply ways for people to post mediocre content to gain views and the subsiquent clicks that result from that.

I want to assure my current (and future) readers that I strive to create quality content and that I will never post mediocre content simply for the purpose of making money. I enjoy reviewing books and of course I enjoy reading them and that will never change.

I welcome any insight and any comments that my readers feel compelled to make on this subject and I hope that this will not affect how my blog (and I) are viewed by my audience (whom I adore).

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