Friday, November 13, 2009

Author Focus: Sergei Lukyanenko (My favorite)

Author Biography(courtesy of Wikipedia):

Lukyanenko was born in Karatau, then a part of Soviet Union, to Russian-Ukrainian father and Tatar mother. After school he moved to Alma-Ata, entering Alma-Ata State Medical Institute in 1986 as a therapist. After graduation in 1992 he joined one of the Alma-Ata hospitals, specializing in child psychiatry, but soon abandoned practice, as already poor wages for physicians in Soviet times plummeted with the fall of the Soviet Union, making it virtually impossible to support a family. His writing, which he started while still a student, had just started producing funds. During this time he became an active member in Russian fandom, visiting conventions and attending seminars all around the Soviet Union.

In 1993 he was appointed deputy editor in a local Science Fiction magazine, where he worked until 1996. This was one of the hardest periods of Sergei's life, as his family struggled to make ends meet. He often attributes the rather grim tones of his works at that period to those financial and personal hardships. However, by the mid-90's the situation improved drastically, and soon his growing popularity as a writer made frequent trips to now-foreign Russia increasingly difficult. Thus in 1996 Lukyanenko moved to Moscow, where he currently resides.

Now, truthfully, I cannot say that Sergei is my favorite author, as I've only read one of his series and have yet to pick up any of his other works, but he has written what have turned out to be my favorite books on this planet earth The "Watch" series (Night Watch, Day Watch, Twilight Watch, and Last Watch)
Some of his other works include the Genome Series, and the russian cult fiction book Labyrinth of Reflections

I encourage everybody on the face of this planet (really) to read the Watch series, it changed the way I look at fiction/fantasy books forever. Yeah, it's THAT good.


Terra said...

I have only read Night Watch and Day Watch but I really enjoyed them. I plan to purchase and reread them and then continue on with the rest of the series. Have you seen the movies? I have them on DVD.

I am following you now. =)

LGendrot said...

No, I have not actually seen the movies though I've been dying to for a long time.

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