Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Dual Review: Well of Ascension (Mistborn book 2) and The Hero of Ages (Mistborn book 3)

Predictability, nothing is worse than predictability when you're reading a series of books. Many series will effectively fail because their authors are unable to (or unwilling to) come up with the diversity of content needed to keep their readers interested in their books. When the same thing happens in every book in a series it's extremely hard to stay connected and interested in it.

Luckily, that is exactly the opposite of what happened with these two books.

I wrote this as a double review simply because of the fact that I never took a break in between these books, as soon as I was finished with The Well of Ascension I started on The Hero of Ages (thank you, nook)  and I almost never put it down until I could finally turn the final page of the trilogy. I must say (and I say this a lot) this is probably one of the best series I have ever read in my life, if not the best.

Click Here for a synopsis of the series in Mr. Sanderson's own words

 The Good
Almost everything. Specifically the fact that I NEVER knew what was going to happen next. The books were filled with so many twists and turns it left me with whiplash. The best part of the book (without giving too much away) was basically that neither I, nor the characters, knew what was going to happen next. Many books weave a story that is meant to make you look at the big picture, to make you feel that what you're seeing and what you're reading about is just a small piece of the whole. Let me just say that that is exactly the feeling that I felt as I read these two books, and yet when I looked back at everything I found myself saying "THAT MAKES SO MUCH SENSE!!!!" (yes, I was that excited). Brandon Sanderson does this so flawlessly that I honestly found no holes in his plot, everything about it was flawless.

Obviously with the amount of unknowns in the books it was an extremely gripping read, I kid you not that I had to actually pause for a few minutes in between some chapters just to take a breath and contemplate the newest arrivals to the "OMG WTFBBQ" section of my brain. Nothing I can say can accurately portray the amount of joy I felt while reading these books.

The Bad
Again, Mr. Sanderson uses the word "maladroitly" quite often....that's it. 

Oh wait no. It ended, that was bad. 

If it's not completely apparent by now, I love this series and I love this author! Again, if the glorious picture that I painted for you of this book doesn't convey this fact accurately.

I highly recommend these books!

If you don't go out and buy these books as soon as possible, I guarantee that you're head will explode from sheer lack of...these books....yeah. BUY IT! Here I'll even give you a link to Amazon Here and Here

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